“First came the vision, then came the view”

Galuppi’s Restaurant strives to create an exciting, challenging and rewarding work environment that allows you to flourish.

To reach our goals, we must provide superior service to our customers by employing the best people. As a member of the Galuppi’s Restaurant team, you are critical to our success.

Through your success we can attain our goals.

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Our Mission

“To provide a Restaurant, Lounge, Patio Bar, and Banquet facility for the local community where the food and service is first class and the atmosphere is fun”

Our success as a company is a direct reflection of your success as an employee. Our goal is to provide a challenging and rewarding environment in which you may learn and grow with us. If you have been hired, then we believe your unique qualities and attributes will further enrich the Galuppi’s team. We will continue to be successful together by working hard, having fun, serving great food and beverage and, above all else, providing extraordinary service to our guests.

We will provide our team members the proper tools, support, and training required to be successful.  We will also provide an opportunity to learn, grow, have fun, and make money.  We will celebrate success and reward great performance.

Our ultimate goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere and a dining experience that is above and beyond what our guests may be accustomed to. We believe that by creating in our team members an intense desire to remain employed at Galuppi’s, they will have the passion and motivation to execute our mission.

Hiring For Positions

Galuppi’s is currently seeking friendly, energetic, highly motivated individuals who will thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented restaurant environment.

A career at Galuppi’s, whether in culinary arts, management, or professional guest services, is one that rewards individuals who have a deep respect for learning and a commitment to becoming the best at one’s profession. We seek people who choose high standards a guiding principle and who are fulfilled by the essence of a service-based culture.

Family Owned & Operated on the grounds of the Pompano Beach Greg Norman designed golf course, Galuppi’s is a well-established restaurant, sports bar and banquet facility. Open 7 days a week, Galuppi’s offers an extensive menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

We are currently seeking to fulfill all areas of our restaurant and banquet facility. Part Time and Full Time positions available.
Applicants must be available to work Weekends & holidays



Banquet Servers


Front of House Managers

Line Cooks

Prep Cooks


Expeditor/Food Runners



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